Tour de Suisse romande – Office exam 2019

The office exam, the most important event in L+M autumn and a collective retreat from everyday project work, led our team westwards this year. Since its inception, Lüchinger+Meyer has been able to realise numerous buildings in western Switzerland. A short journey into the current and past project events was intended to bring the employees closer to this long-standing commitment in French-speaking Switzerland.
The first stop on the tour was the construction site of the Stade de la Tuilière in Lausanne. The solid construction work has been completed, the assembly of the steel roofs is progressing and the installation of the façade construction on the back of the main stand has begun – ideal conditions for a very impressive site management. The responsible project managers and engineers vividly explained the demanding concepts of structural and façade planning and the special challenges of execution.

Then we headed for the École hôtelière de Lausanne. Here, our façade planners accompany the generous expansion of the campus, which will last until 2021. The completed atrium façade of the first construction stage was ideal for viewing, and an informative lecture also provided information on the total volume of the 226 million project. At the same time, we looked back on the traditional office year in the auditorium of the EHL and looked ahead to the coming 2020.
In the late afternoon, an L+M project tour in Biel was on the agenda, starting with the “old project” of the transport operators, the recently completed projects Les Amis Residential Park and Cristal Retirement Centre and ending with the construction site in Zihlstrasse Nidau, where a new residential complex is currently being built. A very atmospheric and relaxed finale with a view of Lake Biel in the evening was held at the Nidau restaurant La Péniche.