Review 2020.6 – Living close to the forest

There is still a high demand for living space in the city of Zurich. This is evidenced by several current and future construction projects in the city area. A notable contribution to balancing supply and demand is being made by over 200 rental flats in the new Guggachpark settlement, which were occupied at the end of last year. Only a few new construction projects can score with such a convenient location. The foot of the Käferberg, the local mountain of Zurich’s north, offers views of the greenery and local relaxation in the forest, while at the same time the neighbourhood to Bucheggplatz ensures ideal connections to the city centre.
Lüchinger+Meyer has been involved in the project alongside Knapkiewicz & Fickert Architekten since the joint competition success in 2014.


The particular challenge for the structural design of the solid buildings was undoubtedly dealing with the demanding geometry of the superstructure. Two complex buildings with eight storeys above ground level form a common courtyard space; an underground car park connects the buildings. A kindergarten was built in the centre of the courtyard, its interiors shining in a blaze of colour. The five pavilion-like building sections of the kindergarten are covered by reinforced concrete shell structures.
With the completion of the settlement, a new episode in our Guggach success story has been completed, although it was not the last one yet …

(Photos: Seraina Wirz, Ruedi Walti)