Folded and prestressed – The structure of the Stade de la Tuilière in Lausanne

Designed, planned, realised … and now described. Our multifaceted planning involvement with the construction of the new football stadium in Lausanne is now receiving its editorial “aftermath”. We are pleased that our project report “Folded and prestressed – The structure of the Stade de la Tuilière in Lausanne” was considered in the current issue of “Beton- und Stahlbetonbau” (05/21). We are happy to present the sophisticated structural design to the interested readership of the prestigious journal. After introductory remarks on the origin and architecture of the project, the authors Andrea Bassetti – project manager for structural engineering – and Matthias Kunze devote nine pages particularly to the stadium’s supporting structure. The overall structural concept, the relevant elements of the structure and the challenges of construction are explained in detail. Numerous informative photos, plan sections and detailed illustrations clearly illustrate the technical report.

The new Stade de la Tuilière in Lausanne presents itself as a perfect unity of architecture and supporting structure with a high recognition value. The visible load-bearing elements also take on architectural functions. In close interdisciplinary cooperation, the structural engineers and architects succeeded in consistently carrying the original basic design idea through to the execution. The construction characteristics of the simple basic form with the folded corners and the slender prestressed concrete girders result from an intensive “dialogue of the designers” and the constant search for structural efficiency, functionality and economy. The recourse to the proven principles of prestressed concrete enabled the engineers to achieve a very functional load-bearing structure and a special spatial effect. (Photo: Ariel Huber)

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