A bit closer to the clouds

Indeed, there will be a lot of growth required before the Wolkenwerk lives up to it’s name. But after 430 concrete stages for the basement and parts of the ground and first floor, you can already report, discover and anticipate something on the building side. The extraordinary project size and the challenging simultaneous construction activity on various parts objects alone make the observance of the building field to an impressive experience. For this reason, the visit of our currently largest construction side in Zürich have been the prelude to our traditional annual office event, which took place on 26 October. The office-group was guided by the project managers and received interesting informations around the structure, planning and boundary conditions.

After that it went high above – on the 7th floor of the Radisson SAS Airport Hotel in Zürich. Unobstructed view on the airfield with landing and starting airplanes – also various Lüchinger + Meyer tracks included. A presentation “small local studies” recalled the engagements of our office from the new hotel building to Dock B and the roof Vorfahrten, also the side-projects as the Sports Bar Terrace and the Sprüngli integrated airport store. As always, an annual review and outlook plus precious workshops on various internal processes complemented the daily programme.