Steelday 2018 – L + M in the sign of steel

The local steel and metal construction industry gathered for steelday, the second Swiss steel construction day on October 31st which took place in the “Stade de Suisse” in Berne. Around 400 guests followed the invitation of the big associations StahlpromotionSSHV, AM Suisse and SZS, to create an exchange on the current level of performance and discuss future issues under the motto “Switzerlands Industrial Base 4.0”. A multifaceted program released important pulse for the discussions of the experts.

Lüchinger + Meyer has been involved three times on this occasion. As a long SZS member, we are happy to support the event as one of the main sponsors. Also we were found in the circle of exhibitors where we showed our competence in the field of steel construction on the basis of numerous projects which has been realized. On top of this, project manager and our personal “keynote speaker” Reto Furrer presented the OYM’s complex support system at the plenary assembly from his lecture “wide-ranging, stacked + hybrid” in the afternoon.