Stadium of the Year 2020 – 2nd rank

With impressive meticulousness, the website documents football stadium buildings around the globe. Thousands of current venues, locations of international championships and historic arenas are recorded in the database in an informative and picture-rich way and stimulate the wanderlust of football enthusiasts. The site’s creators pay special attention to current construction projects and newly opened stadiums. A special event in this context is the annual election of the “Stadium of the Year“, which is carried out in the form of a jury and a public vote. The venues to be selected are those newly opened in the previous year. The jury’s verdict takes into account the architectural value, functionality and innovation of the new structures.

We are delighted that the Stade de la Tuilière was awarded 2nd place by the jury in the vote for “Stadium of the Year 2020“. Although it was one of the smallest stadiums among the nominees, it narrowly missed the top of the podium – only 1.5 percentage points behind the winning project SoFi Stadium (USA). Numerous well-known competitors, however, were relegated to the ranks.
“The building in Lausanne, Switzerland, proves that it is possible to create a consistent, robust venue that stands out, even with simple means and tried-and-tested solutions,” was the jury’s verdict on the award-winning stadium project, which Lüchinger+Meyer realised together with the team of architects :mlzd and Sollberger Bögli from Biel.