The Schulthess Garden Award 2020 goes to Cassiopeiasteg

To be honest, the Schulthess Garden Prize awarded by the Swiss Heritage Society was unknown to many of us – until recently. But we are happy to learn more about it and even more so in such a pleasant way. This year’s prize was awarded to the city and canton of Zurich for the joint maintenance and further development of the river and lake banks in the city of Zurich. The Cassiopeiasteg in Zurich-Wollishofen, which Lüchinger+Meyer realized in collaboration with raderschallpartner landschaftsarchitekten, is one of the honored ensemble of design measures. The almost 300-meter-long pedestrian walkway closed one last large gap in the continuous riverside path in the area of the city of Zurich.

Since 1998, the Swiss Heritage Society has awarded the Schulthess Garden Prize for outstanding achievements in the field of garden culture. This year’s award honors in particular the foresighted and collaborative cooperation of public authorities, through which an added value for humans and nature has been created. “In Switzerland’s largest city, the realization matured early on that projects are successful when they do not compete with different demands, interests and needs, but instead innovatively combine them with one another”.