Schlotterbeck @ IBK

We gladly accepted the invitation to organize another IBK colloquium: On 21 February 2017, Dr. Hans Seelhofer will present the project of the same name under the title “Schlotterbeck-Areal, Zürich: Umbau und Erweiterung” (Schlotterbeck Area, Zurich: Conversion and Extension), which is due for completion shortly. The supposedly simple title of the lecture is deceptive because it is actually one of the most complex and technically challenging conversion projects in office history.


The existing, listed buildings of the Schlotterbeck site located in Zurich were originally constructed as sales rooms and workshops for passenger cars. In the course of the project, the area will be reused at a much higher level by building 108 apartments, supplemented by commercial premises.
The design – developed in close dialogue between architecture and civil engineer – is characterised by the boundary conditions of the existing structure and the urban planning effects of the extension.