Schlotterbeck Areal, Zurich

Client Schlotterbeck-Areal AG, Zürich
Architects Giuliani Hönger Architekten, Zürich
Planning 2012-2014
Execution 2014-2017
Construction cost 95 Mio. Fr.
Services Structure and excavation:
Design phase
Tender documentation phase
Execution phase
Awards Building-Award 2019
Auszeichnung für gute Bauten der Stadt Zürich 2016-2020
Photos David Willen (colour motifs)
Publication - Schauobjekt, aufgetürmt - Virtuos erhöht. Schlotterbeck-Areal: die Tragkonstruktion. In - Wohn- und Geschäftshaus Schlotterbeck in Zürich
Topics ResidentialRefurbishmentConservationConcrete constructionFair faced concrete

The existing buildings of the Schlotterbeck-Areal in Zurich are protected as a historic monument. Originally they were constructed as sales rooms and workshops for passenger cars. In the course of the project, the area will be converted and appreciably higher exploited by realising 108 flats complemented by commercial premises.

Characterised by the boundary conditions of the existing support structure as well as the urban-development effects of the extension, the design was developed in close dialogue between architect and civil engineer.

Particular characteristics of the project regarding the support structure are the special load-bearing system of the tower as well as the southern addition of other storeys, the necessary underpinning, respectively absorb-constructions as well as manifold adjustments and reinforcements of the existing building interlinked with complex construction processes.