Musée Atelier in DETAIL

Rarely has one of our projects received so much press coverage as the Musée Atelier Audemars Piguet. Numerous articles and documentations in daily newspapers and professional journals, in architecture journals and design blogs focused on the new museum building of the watch manufacturer that opened last year. Some articles were competently dedicated to the engineering services that were essential to the realisation of the complex glass building. Of course, we did not miss the opportunity to report first-hand on the constructional challenges and concepts, the engineering pitfalls and solutions that characterised our involvement with the project during the six-year period of work. We were given the opportunity to do this by the renowned professional journal DETAIL, which is distributed to readers in more than 80 countries with a total circulation of more than 20,000 copies. In its technology section, DETAIL regularly gives expert engineers a chance to have their say.
Under the title “An Emblematic Double Spiral”, the authors Philippe Willareth, Matthias Kunze and Josua Villiger give a comprehensive and detailed insight into the technical complexity and the constructive details behind or in the glass façades.

We have not been stingy with content. The bilingual article fills a total of 12 pages. In the required detail, the engineers deal with the special boundary conditions of the project, explain the complex geometry, the choice of materials, the series of tests carried out and the structural and physical concepts of the glass and steel constructions. In keeping with the journal’s claim, the focus is on the constructional details. Numerous photographs, schematics and drawings with comparable scales illustrate the development process from the competition design to the realisation, which was based on intensive collaboration with the architects of BIG and CCHE as well as the other specialist planners.

The fact that the Musée Atelier was chosen to accompany the editorial and that the article was mentioned on the cover is, of course, the proverbial “cherry on the cake” for us.

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