MÉCA – The book of the building

As was to be expected, the completion of the new MÉCA cultural centre in Bordeaux was not without journalistic implications. A successful publication of archibooks now presents the project right on time for the first anniversary of the inauguration. At the same time, the book “MÉCA” reflects both the character and the formula for success of the development process, which was determined by an extraordinarily close cooperation of the numerous participants from politics, culture, architecture and construction technology. Interviews and reports on the experiences of many participants who played a part in the successful realization of the building are given in this book – from Alain Rousset, the president of the regional council of Aquitaine, to the architects from BIG and Freaks, the directors of the three cultural institutes OARA, ALCA and FRAC that the building is housing, to planners, site managers and builders.

We are delighted that Philippe Willareth is also among those who have been interviewed. He reports on the contribution of our facade planners to the success of the project and on the special challenges involved in planning the building envelope.
The author Christophe Catsaros describes the development of the building from the idea to the commissioning, explains the architecture, urban planning and the significance of the MÉCA and also introduces the users of the building. The book’s most striking feature is its rich illustration, which spans a wide arc from the construction process to the present day and provides many impressions of the varied and dynamic interior and exterior life of the cultural centre.