MÉCA Bordeaux – laying down of the keystone

With the installation of the last concrete element at the MÉCA in Bordeaux, one of our biggest and most long-term façade projects came to a successful end yesterday. Our façade planners have been involved in the design and realization alongside BIG and FREAKS during the past five years. The final result is a cultural centre with an extraordinary appearance which provides the space for a wide range of cultural offerings. The new building of the MÉCA (Maison de l ‘Économie créative et de la Culture en Nouvelle-Aquitaine) will unite the three regional cultural institutes Neu-Aquitaniens Frac, Ecla and Oara under one roof.

Like an archway – the building encloses a public square which opens to the river bank of Garonne and the city of Bordeaux. From there, an extension of the promenade leads past the archive, stage and gallery rooms to the roof. The façade is characterized by a small and well-organized concrete element cladding with integrated windows and panoramic glazing. The material – sandblasted artificial stone with local limestone impacts – picks up on the dominant limestone building culture of the southern cities of France.