Lightly and subtly put together – Structural reading of the stadium

The fall and winter champions have been crowned, the fan sectors have fallen silent, and the ball is resting. Most football leagues are taking a break. So, the new issue of “Stahlbau” comes just in time for football enthusiasts with an interest in construction. It offers an entertaining look at their favorite sport on a different level. In their article (in German) “Leicht und subtil zusammengefügt – das Dachtragwerk des Stade de la Tuilière in Lausanne”, authors Andrea Bassetti, Reto Furrer and Matthias Kunze provide insights into the history of the special stadium architecture and the planning of the 12,000 m2 roof structure that spans the stands and concourses. The article is one of four detailed project reports with which the magazine “Stahlbau” honors the winners of the Swiss Steel and Metal Construction Prize Prix Acier 2021.

The roof structure is an essential part of the architecture of the “Stade de la Tuilière”. Its slender and light shapes contrast with the massive prestressed concrete structure that forms the base of the stadium (see issue 05/21 “Beton- und Stahlbetonbau”). The components of the steel structure are clearly presented, design principles are derived, and the special features of the statics and challenges of the installation process are explained.
A positive summary of steelweek+ 2021, in which Daniel Meyer was involved, and a review of the Prix Acier award ceremony round off the content of the issue, which is very pleasing for us. A welcome read for the year-end bridge!

(Photo: Ariel Huber)

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