King for a day

We congratulate our protégé Savino Giacomin on his successful completion of his apprenticeship as “Zeichner EFZ Ingenieurbau” (draftsman)!

No one is born a master. During four years of training, apprentices are required to have a certain amount of stamina and technical ability in order to conquer the many challenges of the draftsman profession in an increasingly digital working environment.
We are not surprised that Savino passed the last exam of his apprenticeship with flying colours. With astonishing light-footedness, he mastered the double burden of apprenticeship and “BMS”, proved himself during his construction site internship on the Eggbühl site in Zurich and has been working “at eye level” alongside the designers on our execution projects for some time now.

He also represented our office at the SwissSkills Championships and on the soccer field. We are pleased that Savino will continue to be part of our team after his apprenticeship and wish him a successful continuation.
We would also like to thank the apprentice instructors in our office for their responsible guidance of the apprentice and our exchange partner Gossweiler Ingenieure.