Well built in the canton of Basle-Landschaft

The primary school in Laufen received  the „Award of good buildings“ of the cantons „Basle-Landschaft“ and „Basle-Stadt“. Half a decade after the project has been completed, it is due to the five-year award turn of appreciation, that we can look forward to this renowned recognition. The completion of the construction had narrowly missed the promotion of the 2013 edition, which is why the project was now among the 180 applications for the 2018 awards ceremony. We`re happy to hear that the jury`s assessment explicitly recognized our structural planners: “The heavily space framework, combined with the irregular folding of the roof and the staggering of the South front just before the classrooms made the newly complemented house to something special.”

With the award and the accompanying public presentations, the two cantons reaffirm for the 6th time the importance of the works for the planning and building culture of both cantons. The award-winning buildings were awarded during the opening of the exhibition on 30 October 2018 by government representatives of both cantons in the citycenter of Basle. The public exhibition can be seen in both cantons from 31 October to 12 November 2018 – in Basle on the “Kleinen Theaterplatz” and in Liestal on the forecourt of the government building.