Glass construction 2019

Every year in spring, around 200 specialists, researchers and producers of glass construction come together for a conference in Dresden, Germany. The “Glass Building 2019,” which will take place on 28th and 29th of March, is organized by TUDIAS in collaboration with the Institute of Construction of TU Dresden. Established as a forum for specialist exchanges and discussion, the conference provides a comprehensive overview of current issues in the field of glass construction. The speakers will present the results of the current research and development as well as the design and planning processes of outstanding projects. The topics of the conference will be shown in detail in the yearbook “Glass construction 2019“, which will be published at the same time.
The conference will take place at the HSZ/0002 auditorium of the Technical University of Dresden.

Dr. Vlad Silvestru represents Lüchinger+Meyer at this prestigious event. In his lecture Silicone adhesive joints with selected metal substrates under shear loading“ (29th of March, 2.20 pm), he presents the results of his scientific research. Silicone adhesives, usually used in structural sealant glazing systems are also increasingly used for the connections of supporting glass elements (see La maison des fondateurs). A good example is the lower and upper connection of supporting glass walls from pavilions to the metallic construction. Vlad Silvestrus lecture provides insight into the experimental investigations of adhesive compounds on metal surfaces commonly used for glass mounts.