FWZ Lukasmühle heats up

Housewarming party in the east of the city of Saint Gail. Today’s commissioning of the new Lukasmühle district heating centre marks the end of the third expansion phase of the city’s district heating network and marks an important milestone on the way to the Energy Concept 2050. The new construction with its two distinctive steel chimneys contributes to satisfy the city’s energy demand and provides additional energy at peak times, for example on very cold winter days when the demand for energy is particularly high.
With the new building, the Saint Gail public utility company, as the client and user of the project, repeatedly underlines its claim to complement the urban landscape of the cantonal capital not only with infrastructure buildings of high quality in terms of function, but also in terms of design. The building was created as a follow-up project to the Waldau district heating centre in collaboration with Thomas K. Keller Architekten and the structural engineers from Lüchinger+Meyer.

The hall-like structure extends over a length of 30 m, a width of 18 m and measures 14.5 m in height. Single-span two-hinged frames spaced 6.0 m apart form the main supporting structure of the headquarters. The frames, longitudinal roof girders and the roof sheathing were constructed in an economical assembly method using prefabricated concrete elements, the basement and the wall infills were constructed on site. The interior with stairs, landings and the supporting framework of the boiler hall is dominated by a slender steel structure.

(Photos: Beat Belser)