A young engineers experience report

Traditionally the side event “Don’t Trust the Engineers – Ask Them!“ will take place before the contact meeting on ETH Hönggerberg. Young engineers will give first-hand reports on practical experiences and answering any upcoming question, which interested students might have. Although the event title does not correspond to our credo – we see ourselves as supportive and trustworthy actors – we are pleased to participate in this informative event.

We are pleased that we were able to win ETH graduate Nadja Wolfisberg, who has been working as a project engineer at Lüchinger+Meyer for one and a half year, to represent our office on this occasion. On 9th of April, she will report on her successful entry into the profession and offer a brief insight into the challenging tasks of her project work so far. The focus is on her participation in the complex renovation project of the Du Pont commercial building in Zurich. (The photo shows the existing ribbed slab of the Du Pont project as a component test of the ETH).
Don’t Trust the Engineers – Ask Them! – 9th of April 2019, 4:45 pm, ETH Hönggerberg, HIL E7