En chantier: Stade de la Tuilière

SIA section of the canton vaud occasionally organises guided construction site visits for its members under the title “En chantier”. In the early afternoon of 9th of May, 35 engineers and architects followed the invitation to visit the impressive building site of the new “Stade de la Tuilière” soccer stadium in Lausanne. Andrea Bassetti, as the responsible project manager of Lüchinger+Meyer, explained the complex load-bearing system of the stadium construction and gave informations around the challenges of the realisation and the state of completion. The timing for the visit could hardly have been better chosen, as the installation of the roof is currently transforming the concrete boiler into a Stadium.





Metamorphosis – the title of the overall project – has begun. The concrete work has largely been completed, the unique “open” stadium corners have been completed, the majority of the concrete elements have been moved and the circumferential pull ring at the head of the concrete structures has been closed. Currently, the assembly of the enormous, up to 2.20m high welded girders made from sheet steel – which will support the grandstand’s roof – is taking place. The supporting structure of the soccer pitch is to be completed by autumn 2019.

(The two assembly photos were not taken at the event.)