Double presence in Swiss engineering art

“Swiss engineers in the spotlight!” – The 3rd volume of “Swiss engineering art” by espazium has just been published, which in turn has received considerable support from the associations sia and usic. In the tried and tested manner, the book portrays on 128 pages a selection of “outstanding” projects completed in the last two years and allows the participants to have their say personally. Accompanying essays focus on current topics of discussion in the department. We appreciate the informative and challenging communication of engineering achievements and their declared goal of acknowledging and promoting the essential contribution of engineering sciences to the local building culture.
We feel very much honored that Lüchinger+Meyer is now for the third time included in the series of publications with the appreciative title. In the current issue we were even allowed to leave a double mark.



The article “Eine Vitrine aus tragendem Glas” introduces our project Musée Atelier Audemars Piguet. The technically well-founded project documentation is accompanied by an interview with Philippe Willareth, head of the Facade and Lightweight Construction Department, who shares his personal experiences of the development process of this extraordinary building.
In addition, Daniel Meyer had the pleasure of contributing a foreword to the edition. Under the title “Change in Values”, he makes an appeal to his colleagues to become involved in the planning and construction process as self-confident and innovative designers and to collectively close ranks in the face of the new competitive premises of quality and sustainability resulting from the revision of the BöB.

Schweizer Ingenieurbaukunst 2019/2020 – CHF 49.- – Available in bookstores or to order directly at