The return to the new office

Many employees of the Hilti construction technology group are experiencing a special déjà-vu these days. It was only in January that around 200 of them had moved into the new office building “Mitte” at the company’s headquarters in Schaan, and soon afterwards they were sent to their home office as part of the precautionary measures taken in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic. In the meantime, more and more employees are returning to their desks in the office building “Mitte”. We wish you a good restart!

The design of the working environment in the new office building planned by giuliani.hönger architects follows the “Open Space” and “Flex Desk” principles. The structural design by Lüchinger+Meyer found the adequate answer to the need for high flexibility of use: the usable areas between the facades and the inner courtyard were consistently designed without supports, the floor slabs have correspondingly large spans and were realised by means of prestressing.


The office building “Mitte” is the third building to be completed as part of the comprehensive modernization of the Hilti Campus, which will be rounded off by two additional constructions. The new Office Building “Nord” is currently under construction, followed by a spacious park with green spaces and recreational areas. The planners at Lüchinger+Meyer are also allowed to commit themselves to these two projects.

(Photos: David Willen)