The WolkenWerk is completed

Our project WolkenWerk in the north of Zurich was successfully completed in mid-November with the handover of the building ensemble to the developers Leutschenbach AG and Nyffenegger Immobilien AG. The first move-in of the 300 condominiums has already begun, and by mid-January 2021 the future residents will have completely moved into the three high-rise buildings and the base buildings. The currently still “sleeping giants” and the new quarter will fill with life.
Since the beginning of the project planning in 2013, the engineers and designers from Lüchinger+Meyer have been working alongside Staufer & Hasler Architekten and von Ballmoos Partner Architekten on the construction of the new development in the Leutschenbach/Hagenholzstrasse triangle. All the buildings were constructed using solid construction methods.

However, our work on site is not yet done, because in the future, in addition to the three high-rise residential buildings ( Buildings B, C, D), the “Messeturm” (Building A) will complete the development.  New commercial space and offices will be created here. Construction start is scheduled for 2021.