Farewell party in autumn scenery

On the occasion of the imminent departure from professional life, our company founder Paul Lüchinger invited the office team to a banquet in the Bergtrotte Osterfingen last Thursday. Place and time could not have been chosen more appropriately. The surroundings of the picturesque grotto shined in unspoilt autumnal splendour, while the ensemble of buildings itself is a testimony to the more recent Lüchinger+Meyer history: from 2012 to 2015, our engineers planned and realised the successful restoration and extension of the listed building. Paul Lüchinger personally achieved the underlying competition success with his architectural partner Martin Spühler.


With an anecdotal presentation Paul Lüchinger gave us detailed insights into his professional development from his time as a Thürlimann pupil to the Lüchinger+Meyer present.
We would like to thank him warmly for the atmospheric celebration and are delighted that we can count on his valuable support in our everyday office life until the end of the year.