10 years Lüchinger+Meyer Lucerne

“Children, how fast time passes!” we quote the writer R. A. Schröder for good reason. Because already 10 years have passed since the successful start of our new branch in Lucerne, Central Switzerland. What started as a small cell with only two employees has now developed into an important pillar of our office. It has been moved into a new office as the team has grown considerably. Many projects have passed across the Lucerne tables, competitions and prizes have been won. Lüchinger+Meyer has definitely “arrived” in Central Switzerland and established itself as a regional engineering partner. We greatly appreciate the many and varied collaborations that have matured in the region.

The sporty Lucerne team celebrated the anniversary in its own unique way with a mixture of action and coziness. With their usual vitality they spent the special day in hiking on top of the Stanserhorn. The hike offered special reviews and perspectives which was in a metaphorically way a content in their conversations about the special event. After shooting a group picture with the amazing sight in the background the team enjoyed their evening with Älplermagronen and wine in the restaurant “CabriO” till the night fell over lake Vierwaldstättersee.

We congratulate our Lucerne colleagues on their anniversary!