Young Man at Work

From apprentice in planning to trainee on the construction site – all our apprentices experience this transformation once during their four-year apprenticeship as draftsmen or draftswomen EFZ Civil Engineering. An internship on the construction site is an important component of our training program. Regular visits to construction projects and acceptance of reinforcements by the apprentices are standard and useful for understanding the construction processes. But these are no substitute for the enormous gain in experience that active participation in everyday work on the construction site makes possible. A right angle can be quickly designed in CAD, a reinforcing bar can be digitally laid with just a few clicks of the mouse – in practice, this requires much more extensive work. At the same time, the budding draftsmen and draftswomen learn the value of implementation plans for the efficient and flawless realization of building structures.

This fall, our junior draftsman Lorenz Ott exchanged his casual office attire for the health and safety gear of a construction worker for five weeks. Ideally, he could complete his internship in the context of a construction project for which he had drawn up the formwork and reinforcement plans himself. On Zurich’s Aurorastrasse, Lüchinger+Meyer is realizing the conversion and extension of a villa in collaboration with Buchner Bründler Architekten. Lorenz was thus able to check the feasibility of his own construction drawings directly on site – a quality control of a special kind, which certainly gave him valuable insights for the final stage to complete his apprenticeship.

Our sincere thanks go to the company Jäggi + Hafter AG, which made this impressive construction internship possible for Lorenz.