Competition ZZM Hottingen: Bronze award for “Tilia”

Even after the move of the Children’s Hospital Zurich to the new Lengg site in 2022, the current site in Hottingen will retain its purpose in the service of healthcare. A new Center for Dentistry (ZZM) for the University of Zurich will be constructed between Steinwiesstrasse, Pestalozzistrasse, Hofstrasse and Spiegelhofstrasse. The new construction of the multifunctional clinic, education and research center was the subject of a competition for general planning teams. The ARGE ZZM (Hämmerle Partner, BS+EMI Architektenpartner, HSSP), supported by Lüchinger+Meyer in the field of structural design, achieved a remarkable 3rd place with their project “Tilia” in the final competition of 14 teams.
Instead of a closed, compact form, the planners chose a curved structure with five wings that enters into an intensive dialogue with the surrounding park. In general, “landscapes” form the common thread of the design. The ZZM is understood as a public house in a “big garden” with reference to the strongly greened quarter of the lower Zürichberg.
Thus, the surrounding park landscape is juxtaposed with an open and communicative meeting landscape inside with two planted atriums and a carefully landscaped roofscape.

“In the sensitive context of residential buildings and structures worthy of protection, the project takes a clear and independent stance. […] In terms of the tug-of-war between programmatic and contextual constraints, it makes a valuable contribution.” the jury praised the design work.
The structural concept provides for a robust skeleton structure in proven solid construction with point-supported flat slabs and stabilizing continuous wall elements. As a result of direct load transfer, complex and cost-intensive load detour can be avoided. The selected spans of around 7.5 meters ensure a high degree of flexibility of use in all areas of the new building. The load-bearing structure was to be made largely of recycled concrete.

Once again, due to the pandemic situation, it is just possible to visit a virtual exhibition, which can, however, be visited from the comfort of their home office at any hour.

(Visualisations: maaars, Zurich)