Vision Bösch

The association Verein Zukunft Bösch has high goals for the municipality of Hünenberg in the Canton of Zug: Develop it into a leading service, commercial and industrial location with exceptional qualities. Currently, the Bösch working area accommodates about 600 companies with 3000 jobs and significant growth is planned. The areas of trade, services and EDP, are particularly expandable, especially through a possible partnership with the neighbouring Campus “Informatik Zug-Rotkreuz”. The association was founded in March 2019 with the support of the municipality and aims to help shape the development of the Bösch-Rothus location. The players took on the task with an impressive speed. After a compulsory Corona break, the association presented the building blocks of its “overall vision Bösch” for the first time to a broad public of businesspeople, government and community representatives and other interested parties on June 29. The response was positive.
Under the title “Es ist was im Busch – im Bösch” 3D visualizations of the central ideas were presented and discussed. Three futuristic-looking commercial and residential high-rise buildings in the form of stacked energy-autonomous boxes suspended from large lifts systems and equipped with slides are to form the centres of the area as a haven for innovative SMEs.

A new Campus Bösch on the community-owned area is planned as a reference site. Holistic and sustainable concepts will be pursued for the energy production and mobility, and continuous integration with an upgraded environment is also planned.
It is uncertain which of the ambitious visions and details that may seem utopian today will make the leap into the concrete realities of a built future. But the seriousness of their concerns unites the members of the association. A team of planners was already involved in the development of the vision, giving the wealth of ideas the necessary technical grounding. We are pleased to be represented as civil engineers in the “Club of Visionaries” and to continue supporting the project responsibly.

(Pictures: Mario Santin – MAS Stadtraum Architekten)