Transforming with Respect

The Chemistry building PER 10 at the University of Freiburg, designed in 1974 by the Lausanne architect Arthur Lozeron in the style of functionalism, is undergoing a comprehensive overall renewal to be used again as a modern laboratory and lecture hall building. The basis for the building and energy technical review is the successful competition entry “La transformation” by Archipel Generalplanung and fsp Architects. The facade planners from Lüchinger+Meyer Bauingenieure were part of the winning team. According to the jury’s assessment, the designers excellently address the task focused on functionality, preservation, and sustainability. “The project ‘La Transformation‘ approaches the renovation of the building […] with great consideration for the existing architecture and is characterized by the declared intention to keep the CO2 footprint of the planned work as low as possible. This is achieved by limiting the structural interventions to the absolutely necessary and acknowledging the obvious qualities and solidity of the functionalist architecture of the existing building.”

The facade planning also followed this approach. The conception and technical development of the building envelope are tailored to building retrofitting while in operation and optimized in the spirit of the circular economy and minimization of the CO2 equivalent. The facade, as a crucial factor in sustainability and energy renovation, is completely renovated or refurbished. The emblematic concrete grid structure is intended to remain unchanged, and the existing infill elements are replaced by new prefabricated wood modules, including windows and awnings. In line with the material cycle, the windowpanes obtained from dismantling are processed through a special method and reused as re-use cladding material. “The sun protection made of green fabric, the new three-part division of the windows, and the reuse of tinted glazing are the factors that make the renovation of the building, its refreshment, visible.” (Jury)

Visualisation: Echt 3D Visualisierungen