Rock Print Pavilion – stone on stone

An exhibition entitled Hello, Robot is currently taking place in the Industrial Museum in Winterthur. As part of the exhibition, the Rock Print Pavilion will be developed on the Kirchplatz, examining the current boom in robotics. The craftsman’s hands are consequently replaced by a robot arm. The robot lays 120 kilometers of string and piles up 30 tons of ballast stones for the construction of the pavilion – simple basic materials, which will form a solid supporting structure. The steel roof, currently supported on auxiliary supports, will be lowered onto the construction on October 1, thus completing the construction.


The authors of the project – researchers from Gramazio Kohler Research at ETH Zurich – want to demonstrate the transforming power of digital construction processes with this installation. Lüchinger+Meyer have been serving as advisers for the supporting structure and were involved in the project as a sponsor.

The pavilion will open on Ocotber 4 and the researchers will present the building as part of several public guided tours until the beginning of November.