Ground-breaking ceremony in Oberglatt

When so many construction actors get together to start construction, this can probably be seen as a promising omen for the success of the construction project …
On 9th of September 2020, the traditional ground-breaking ceremony launched the construction of the new Chliriet secondary school building in Oberglatt. The event also marked an important milestone in the school history of the community, as this is the first time since the beginning of schooling in Oberglatt around 1600 that a secondary school building will be erected in the village. At the opening, 13 classes, that means approximately 260 pupils will move into the new building.

The project is based on a joint competition success of BS+EMI Architektenpartner and the structural engineers of Lüchinger+Meyer in 2018 and is planning a wood-concrete hybrid building close to the Hall of Chliriet. Our civil engineers and designers will be following the solid construction and civil engineering work in the implementation phase which will soon start. We wish all those involved in the construction work every success!