Beautiful as a Citroën…

…should not be misunderstood here as a flat advertising message, but is the declared aesthetic guiding theme for the planners of the new Schlotterbeck area in Zurich-Albisrieden. The perfection, functionality and timeless elegance of the legendary Citroën DS (“La Déesse”) will be the inspiration for the design and equipment of the conversion project. It is no coincidence that this design icon of the mobile world was presented for many years in the exhibition rooms of the Schlotterbeck garage.

Designed by Basel architects Hans Rudolf Suter and Peter Suter and opened in 1951, the forthcoming expansion will continue the history of the building complex.


Careful handling of the listed building and numerous reminiscences of the original industrial architecture characterise the design by giuliani.hönger architekten, which was further developed from a competitive success. The structural engineers of Dr. Lüchinger+Meyer were also confronted with major challenges in the course of the conversion planning. In particular, the various extensions to the existing buildings, their gentle upgrading and the additional load transfer into the ground required creative and unconventional solutions.

On February 1, 2014, the client invites potential prospective tenants to an “open day”.