Open house presentation at Südstrasse

If you take a bird’s eye view on the Südstrasse in district 8 in Zurich, you will see a lot of houses with green and generous gardens. In the middle of these park-like gardens at Südstrasse 26+28 two new residential buildings designed by Esch Sintzel Architects from Zurich were realised. One main goal of the architectural draft in the special environment was to point out the unique and park-like surrounding. Therefore, the eye-catching windows, which lead around the whole buildings on every floor, help the future residents to observe the green surroundings. The open house presentation take place on 29.08.2020 and everyone can take a look at the newly built houses based on the draft of Esch Sintzel Architects.



The structural engineers of Lüchinger+Meyer supported the architects and planed the supporting structure of this project from the draft to the realisation of the building. One of the main challenges of this concrete building during the draft and the realisation of the project were the special hexagon geometry of the layout and the transition from the exposed concrete façade at the base floor to the wooden façade. Another challenge was the planning of the roof, which is inclined in several directions.

Visit Südstrasse 26 + 28, Zurich
Saturday, 29. August 2020, 13-17 Uhr