Rosentalturm Basel – The House of Cultures

A new high-rise building will be constructed directly next to the Messe Basel Hall Complex 1 South in the area of the existing parking garage. In the spirit of a “House of Cultures”, the new replacement building will offer a new home to Basel residents as well as newcomers from all over the world. Apartments, offices, hotel rooms, gastronomy as well as neighborhood-related uses are to be accommodated in the 110m high Rosentalturm space.
In the competition conducted by HRS Real Estate AG, the team led by Michael Meier and Marius Hug Architekten won 2nd prize. Structural and facade planners from Lüchinger+Meyer played a key role in the development of the “Trident” design. The project envisions a continuously stepped triangular high-rise building that rises above a three- to four-story base to the south, with its slender front facing Messeplatz.
“The project convinces with an effective urban setting, a consistent attitude regarding the location of private and public spaces, and a refined and delicate differentiation of the residential typologies. The façade structure is well balanced …The constructive system is plausible and consistently thought through.” the jury praised the interdisciplinary design.

The structural design envisages a skeleton structure in solid construction with a high degree of prefabrication for the high-rise building and the adjoining base. The chosen grid ensures a consistent direct load transmission from the upper floors to the basement floors. Steel beams (DeltaBeam) flush with the slab in the transverse direction of the building serve as supports for the prefabricated hollow core slabs with a thickness of 265mm. The lower visible flange of the integrated steel beams does not need to be clad, as internal reinforcement ensures fire protection in case of fire. The circular columns, which are also prefabricated, are graded in diameter and reinforcement content from bottom to top according to the load. The shell construction time for the high-rise building would be reduced by about 25% thanks to the high degree of prefabrication.
The facades would be vertically articulated with slender pilaster strips and provided with ventilated glass cladding as parapets. PV modules and re-manufactured glass cladding will be used on the façade parapets and other opaque surfaces, which are fully integrated into the prefabricated and pre-assembled façade elements.

Until April 6, 2023, all entries can be viewed daily from 3 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. in the MCH Lounge at Messe Basel.

Visualisations: Filippo Bolognese Images