Rain shelter and sunshade

In future the lovers of fresh air who work for Swiss Re in Adliswill, Switzerland, will no longer have to stand in the rain or roast in the sun. Instead, they can enjoy a new weather protection feature. In cooperation with SAM Architekten und Partner AG and Josef Meyer Stahl & Metall AG, the facade engineers at Dr. Lüchinger+Meyer created a new pavilion in the courtyard of the branch offices. Inspired by the shape of a water lily leaf, the inter-disciplinary planning team worked together closely to develop a sophisticated sheet steel structure with an organic visual geometry.


Dr. Lüchinger+ Meyer Bauingenieure AG were responsible for the development of the load-bearing structure, the optimisation of the weight, the processing of the geometry and the water run-off system.

The Swiss Re pavilion project is currently published in the periodical Hochparterre (No. 1-2 / January-February 2012 / 25th year).