Municipal sports hall, Zug

Client Hochbauamt Stadt Zug
Architects Bétrix & Consolascio Architekten, Zürich
Planning 1998
Execution 1999-2001
Construction cost 17.9 Mio. Fr.
Services Structure and excavation:
Design phase
Tender documentation phase
Execution phase
Engineering partner Berchtold + Eicher Bauingenieure, Zug
Awards Auszeichnung guter Bauten Kanton Zug 1996–2005
Topics SportStructural steelworkConcrete constructionFair faced concrete

The function of the structure as a sports hall shaped the design of the supporting structure. The form of expression of the structural elements is in keeping with the architectural implementation of the structural requirements. The choice of load-bearing structure was also determined to a large extent by the specific soil conditions and hydrogeological constraints on site.

Peripheral rows of columns surround the basin-like space of the sport halls and ancillary rooms. They support the large-scale roof that freely spans the entire structure. The structural elements have to meet the requirements of both structural stability and fitness for use. Convenience for the user was the main focus for the design of the intensively used sports halls and of the flanking ancillary rooms. The groundwater conditions are such that special attention had to be paid to sealing the floor slabs and walls that are in contact with the soil.