Urban development Europaallee, Zurich

Contents field controlling:

  • Implementation of the field controlling of the structural engineering in the interdisciplinary QS-Team under guidance of the Beta Projekt Management AG Zurich (construction fields A/ B and EA21) respectively of the Ettinger Partner AG, Zurich.
  • Determining inspection points.
  • Verification of the static calculation on a random basis.
  • Verification of the bid-documents on a random basis.
  • Selective plan authorisation.
  • Amendment-tests.
  • Construction controls.
  • Creating reports regarding inspection results.

Selected projects:

  • Construction field A20/30 (2008/2010): Max Dudler – SBB
  • Construction field A10 (rebuild old Sihlpost) (2011/2012): Max Dudler- Sbb
  • Construction field C respectively EA21 (20110/2011): Max Dudler, Gigon/Guyer, David Chipperfield – UBS
  • Construction field E (2010/2012): Caruso St John, Bosshard Vaquer – SBB
  • Construction field G ((2010/2013): Graber Pulver, Masswerk – SBB
  • Construction field B (2012/2017): Stücheli – SBB
  • Construction field D (2013/2018): Wiel Arets – SBB