Multengut residence for the elderly, Muri

Client GVB, Bern
Architects burkhalter sumi architekten, Zürich
Planning 2001-2002
Execution 2002-2004
Construction cost 30 Mio. Fr.
Services Structure and excavation:
Design phase
Tender documentation phase
Execution phase
Topics Health careResidentialConcrete construction

The residence offers special apartments of various sizes for independent elderly people. It provides a diverse range of facilities with hotel-style services. The privately run residence is designed for people who wish to continue living independently and with their peers as they get older.

This alternative to publicly funded old people’s homes and care homes is aimed at elderly middle-class people who wish to and can afford to pay for their own upkeep, with the income at their disposal.

Essentially, the residence for the elderly comprises two elongated buildings. In the eastern building there are apartments for the elderly, care rooms, catering services and administration offices. The western building is dedicated to apartments for the elderly. Both buildings have four storeys: three upper storeys and a lower ground floor. The two main buildings are connected by a transverse underground structure. This connecting building also accommodates the wellness area and other service rooms.