Cycle path bridge Dammweg Olten

Client Baudirektion Stadt Olten
Architects raderschallpartner landschaftsarchitekten, Meilen
Planning 2010-2012
Execution 2012-2014
Construction costs 1.0 Mio. CHF
Services Structure and excavation:
Design phase
Tender documentation phase
Execution phase (incl. site management)
Photos Ariel Huber, Lausanne
Topics InfrastructureBridgesConcrete constructionFair faced concrete

The bridge spans the embankment incision in which the connecting road between Olten and the new Olten SüdWest district project runs on the site of the former gravel pit. Pedestrians and cyclists can cross the existing embankment and the bridge.

The bridge is designed as a double-hinged frame. The carriageway forms the frame beam and was constructed as a longitudinally prestressed reinforced concrete slab beam. The frame stems are hinged into the foundations as slack-reinforced columns. The cross-sections of the beams and struts are variable in their dimensions and thus adapt to the respective load. The visible concrete surfaces were produced in fair-faced concrete quality. In order to be able to absorb the high stresses in the slender concrete cross-sections, the entire bridge was realised with a high-strength concrete C50/60.

The design of the bridge is impressive. A simple construction was created which, with the polyhedral design of the bridge soffit and the extremely slender shape in the centre of the span, blends into the surroundings in a calm and natural way. The integral design of the monolithic frame construction and the absence of dilatation joints and inserts in the carriageway slab guarantee good durability combined with ease of maintenance and robustness.

Key data:

  • Total length 40.6 m
  • Carriageway width 3.5 m
  • Clearance 6.8 m