High rise B125, Zug

Client Philipp Brühwiler, Zug
Architects Philipp Brühwiler + Konrad Hürlimann, Zug
Planning 2011-2012
Execution 2012-2014
Construction cost 7.2 Mio. Fr.
Services Structure and excavation:
Design phase
Tender documentation phase
Execution phase
Engineering partner Dr. Vollenweider, Zürich
Awards Gute Bauten Kanton Zug 2006-2015
Topics MinergieIndustry/tradeCommercialResidentialHigh-riseConcrete construction

The high rise has two basement floors, who mainly contain an underground car parking. While the ground floor is intended to be used for shopping and gastronomy, the 18 upper floors will contain office and living areas.

The main support structure of the building is a skeleton construction made of reinforced concrete elements. These elements are the floor ceilings, who are supported by facade columns on the edges and three stiffening cores in the centre. With concrete balustrades, the stiffness of the ceilings is further increased. The layout of the rooms around the cores allows for flexible room partitioning. In the basement floors, the ceilings are supported by columns. A concrete ramp gives access to these floors.