Canopy, Bahnhofplatz (station square), Bern

Client Tiefbauamt der Stadt Bern
Architects marchwell Valentino Marchisella Architekten, Zürich
Execution 2007-2008
Construction cost 6.7 Mio. Fr.
Services Structure:
Execution Phase (structural glass)
Engineering partner Walt + Galmarini, Zürich (Stahlbau)
Awards Prix Acier 2009 – Schweizer Stahlbaupreis
Topics Structural glassFacades and lightweight structures

The “Canopy” was constructed as a light glass and steel roof structure to cover the pedestrian area between the Heiligkeitskirche church and the street area, as part of the reconstruction of the station square in Bern. Swinging upwards and opening out, the canopy provides a striking gateway to the city to the south of the Heiligkeitskirche. The supporting structure is made of welded box girders (primary and secondary girders) or plate girders (tertiary girders). The clearance height above street level varies between 3 m in the pedestrian area and 10 m above the tram lines. The glass skin is suspended, 20 cm below the supporting structure, from the tertiary girders, using point fixings. The laminated safety glass panels consist of rectangular panes of semi-tempered glass (2 x 12 mm) with maximum dimensions of 4,227 x 1,322 mm. The glazing is strong enough to be walked on for maintenance purposes. Each glass panel is supported by eight point fixings. The vertical loads are transferred from the panes to the main load-bearing structure via fixing brackets. The residual load-bearing capacity of the laminated safety glazing in the failure state was verified in load tests on a scale of 1:1.