Huttwil Railway Station

Client BLS Netz, Bern
Architects :mlzd Architekten, Biel/Berlin
Planning 2011-2014
Execution 2014-2016
Construction cost 50 Mio. Fr.
Services Structure:
Design phase
Tender documentation phase
Execution phase
Photos Beat Lanz, Hinwil
Topics CommercialIndustry/tradeInfrastructureStructural steelworkConcrete constructionFair faced concrete

As part of the extensive expansion work at Huttwil station, the old station building was replaced by a new reception building, which provides space for office and retail use. The main dimensions of the reinforced concrete building are approximately 24m x 14m in floorplan. The building consists of a first floor, two upper floors and an attic. Above the second floor, the floor plan reduces evenly from all sides. The structure of the four-story building is a skeleton structure consisting of prefabricated columns, on-site place concrete flat slabs, and concrete bracing walls. Some columns on the second floor and in the attic are inclined.

The new service building consists of a concrete floor slab, supporting masonry walls and a concrete flat slab. The construction is kept very simple and is fully oriented to the intended use. The building is about 26m long and 9m wide.

The two platform roofs are located between the two tracks and between the track and the station square, respectively. Column/beam systems made of T-shaped rolled sections at a distance of 9m were executed, box elements made of wood span the intermediate space. This system allowed a very simple assembly and can efficiently transfer the loads. At the central platform in the stairway access area, the support was made in two parts, supported on the walls of the ramp structure.

The roofs above the stairways stand on the walls of these structures. They have a length of about 17m and a width of 5m and 2.4m respectively. The structure is built of two-hinged frames spanning the stairway opening. The frames are stabilized by clamping the column feet in the longitudinal direction. The frames are spanned by a galvanized trapezoidal sheet.

The planning and realization of two bicycle stands with lengths of 45m and 30m as well as the redesign of the station square completed the project scope.