Prix Acier 2014 – And the winner is …

The connection Plessur – Halde in Chur wins the Prix Acier 2014. The extraordinary pedestrian connection at the cantonal school in Chur, whose striking corten steel roofing lends a new character to the surrounding landscape, is one of the four award-winning projects that the jury selected from a total of 36 submitted applications. For the second time now, Dr. Lüchinger+Meyer Bauingenieure is delighted to be awarded this prestigious Swiss steel construction prize.

The Prix Acier, awarded by the Stahlbauzentrum Schweiz (SZS), honours projects that are exemplary for the architectural quality and technical performance of steel and metal construction. The focus is on the creative and economical use of steel as a material, technical innovation and constructive virtuosity.


The prize honours the building owner, architect, engineer and entrepreneur, thus emphasising the overall development process of the buildings. Together with Dr. Lüchinger+Meyer, the Graubünden Building Department, the architects Esch Sintzel GmbH and Tuchschmid AG received the award on October 15, 2014 in the Audimax of ETH Zurich.