Worthy of winning an award

We are looking forward to the Arc-Awards within the next few days. This year Lüchinger+Meyer applied octuple times to gain the famous Swiss prize for architecture which had 352 applications. In the category “public buildings, commerce and industry” we`ve applied with the following projects: Betreuungsgebäude Aemtler D, Bushof Schwerzenbach and Dreiklang Steinhausen. Dreiklang Steinhausen can also be found in the category of residential buildings.

We are doubly represented in the BIM competitions. The Schweizer Pavillon EXPO 2020 Dubai and Baufeld 1 Suurstoffi Campus will both compete in the following two disciplines „collaboration“ and „innovation”. The award of the architecture prizes will take place in the “Kaufleuten” on the 7th of November and is endowed with a total of 52.000 Swiss francs. As a part of the BIM congress, the honours of the BIM categories will take place on 8th November.