Organizational structure

Board of directors

Daniel Meyer, Dipl. Bauing. ETH SIA SWB
Dr. Andrea Bassetti, Dipl. Bauing. ETH SIA

Executive board members

Dr. Andrea Bassetti, Dipl. Bauing. ETH SIA
Andreas Gianoli, Dipl. Bauing. ETH SIA
Daniel Meyer, Dipl. Bauing. ETH SIA SWB
Dr. Hans Seelhofer, Dipl. Bauing. ETH SIA
Philippe Willareth, Dipl. Fassadening. FH SIA

Extended executive board members

Marcel Gromann, Dipl. Bauing. ETH
Urs Hirsiger, Dipl. Bauing. FH
Matthias Kunze, Dipl. Bauing. TU
Reto Furrer, BSc FH Bauing.
Ivo Niederberger, Dipl. Bauing. FH


32 Construction engineers ETH / TU / FH
3 Façade engineers FH / TU
3 Façade designer
8 Technical designers
1 Metalwork designer
1 Construction manager
5 Administration team members
3  Interns
5 Technical designer apprentices EFZ Ingenieurbau


Structural and civil engineering
Façade and lightweight structuring
Structural mechanics
Reports and expertises


SIA, USIC, SZS, SZFF, SGEB, CWCT, Entry Register A


Personal injury and property damage: CHF 30’000’000.-
Construction damages and pure financial losses: CHF 15’000’000.-


June 1, 1994 Foundation of the Engineering Office Dr. Lüchinger+Meyer
January 1, 1995 Transformation into a public company
September 1, 2010 Opening of the Lucerne branch
January 1, 2011 Establishing the façade and lightweight structures Team
January 1, 2015 Establishing the structural mechanics team
March 1, 2015 Opening of the Vienna branch
April 6, 2017 Opening of Lüchinger+Meyer+Hermansen ApS, Copenhagen