Even higher, even more sustainable…

Together with 3XN/GXN and IttenBrechbühl, our office won the competition for the Tilia Tower©, an 85-metre high building with a high standard of sustainability located in the west of Lausanne.
In his interview with 24heures, Esteban Garcia, President of the Realstone Group, said that “What made the difference in the choice of the winner was the use of wood”. And indeed, our structural concept, which includes hybrid timber load-bearing elements, reduces the mass of the tower by around 35%. The benefits are multiple, including lighter loads on the foundations, speed of execution and space savings. Proof that ingenuity makes it possible to reconcile environmental and development issues.

The facade with the textile concrete facings is also a strong element in the expression of the project, the modular interplay of the bay windows creates protection against gusts of wind, surrounding noise and direct sunlight. Here too, we have innovated to reduce the weight of these facings while maintaining their performance and sustainability.
The tower building is designed for a mixed use of flats, shops and a hotel, and also provides public spaces that will contribute to improving the urban development of the neighbourhood. The project also includes the transformation and refurbishment of two existing buildings, an office building and a badminton hall, with the aim of making them energy efficient and achieving Minergie-P certification.

(Visualizations: 3XN/GXN Architects)