Magical moments during conversions

“In 30 years of working life, I’ve never seen anything like it!” stated a construction worker of Du Pont office building construction site in Zurich. He was amazed when the saw blade was noticeably relieved while cutting through an existing concrete pillar. The explanation for this phenomenon lies in the load-bearing system of the existing building. The “pillars” on the 5th floor are designed as tension elements holding the floor beneath them. In the course of the reconstruction, this ceiling received new vertical supports and the suspension was cut through. The structural elements remain in the building following a requirement of the preservation of historical monuments.


This is just one of many unique episodes that occurred during the multi-faceted rebuilding planning and execution of the former Du Pont cinema and commercial building. In the meantime, our services are coming to an end. We look back on an exceptionally demanding and instructive project work that was a great challenge for us and on a remarkable cooperative collaboration between the actors in the planning and especially on the construction site.
Anyone who is interested in following the many extraordinary stages of the reconstruction, please follow the photo stream on our project page.