Creative development and evaluation of possible solutions

… are the titles of three events in the ETH lecture series on Building structures by Prof. Dr. Andrea Frangi in March, which will be held by L+M partner Dr. Hans Seelhofer as guest lecturer. The course offered by the Institute of Structural Engineering (IBK) is aimed at Master students of civil engineering in the area of specialisation structural engineering. The focus lies on the introduction to a holistic view of structures from the perspective of a civil engineer. Thus, interactions between building and structure, a selection of structural forms and design concepts of planning are conveyed.
We highly appreciate supplementing the theoretical teaching content with practical reports as an important and meaningful measure in engineering education. We are happy to make an active contribution here.

Hans Seelhofer, himself a civil engineering graduate of ETH Zurich and a former doctoral student at IBK, will use three case studies to introduce the prospective young engineers to the potential and challenges of structural design. The Würth Building Rorschach will be the first to be presented on March 5, while the load-bearing structures of the Zurich Schlotterbeck area and the Waldau district heating center will be presented at the following events. Since Hans Seelhofer accompanied all three projects as the responsible project manager the knowledge transfer will take place at first hand.