Kalkbreite – A new piece of town

… is the ambiguous title of the book, which spans the arc from vision to built reality. Much has been written about the extraordinary urban pioneer project in the heart of Zurich, now the actors themselves are taking the floor.

A colourful and unconventional reading book about the unquestionably remarkable Kalkbreite-Project has been produced, from the point of view of the participants and – how could it be otherwise – with their active support. Among others, the city laboratory assistant, the architect, the building foreman, the juror, the landscape architect and the very first female tenants of residential and commercial buildings tell the story.



Admittedly, our contribution could not be missing! In an interview entitled “The alphabet was not enough”, our project manager Andreas Gianoli reports on the joys and sorrows of structural design, challenging spans, complex geometry and boundless plan revisions.

Newspaper articles portrait the “Kalkbreite-Krimi”, the heated political struggle between initiators, city and VBZ; picture and collage sections look behind and into the scenes.

On 21 May at 18:30, the book vernissage will take place in the cafeteria of the Kalkbreite residential and commercial estate. See you.

View into the book