Youth gives a helping hand

For years, a six-week building site internship has been a obligatory part of our apprenticeship training programme. We consider it to be instructive and useful for our architectural draftsman trainees to get to know another aspect of the building process in this way and at the same time to experience directly the importance and consequences of their own actions – the creation of execution plans – in real building practice. Our prospective draftsmen EFZ Ingenieurbau greatly appreciate the experience of this change of sides, even though the comparatively rough working conditions of the construction process demand a great deal more of their physical robustness than everyday office life.

In most cases, we manage to accommodate the junior staff on “our own” construction sites, including this year: Our apprentice Ana Luisa Rodrigues da Silva is currently completing her construction site internship in Wallisellen, where work has begun on the extension of the community centre. The series of pictures shows the wide range of practical experience she has gained on site. Of course, such a training measure would not be possible without the willing support of the responsible master builders. Our special thanks therefore goes to SPLEISS AG – on behalf of all the entrepreneurs who have been equally reliable partners for us over the past years.