Stairway to Heaven 2.0

The monastery hill Ingenbohl, residence of the “Sisters of Charity from of the Holy Cross” and a popular place of pilgrimage, should become traffic-free as far as possible. The reorganisation and building process will take place in stages. In the future, visitors should no longer drive up the hill. The main access point will be a lift system with a jetty which connects the monastery with the valley. There will be parking spaces for coaches and private transport on the bottom which are accessible through a new road. The existing long staircase – well known as “Stairway to Heaven” – will remain.

The bridge, which was designed as a steel structure, connects to the approximately 20m high lift tower which is made out of concrete. A big viewing window will give visitors an impressive sight of the mountain range of the Mythen. A parallel arranged pavilion which is built as an annex of the lift, opens up a pleasant arrival situation for pilgrims and visitors. The chosen visual concrete look of the pavilion and the tower is inspired by the architecture of the existing monastery of Ingenbohl. Our Lucerne L+M team planned and realized the new lift system together with GKS Architects. Last week, the shell construction has been successfully completed with the installation of the jetty.